Broadwell 100 Club

By taking part you can help us maintain the Victory Hall and Green and enjoy the chance of winning a monthly cash prize

The 100-Club is run twice a year, normally from January to June, and July to December. This can occasionally change. There is one number drawn each month, the holder of that number winning the monthly prize pot. The 100-Club was started to help raise funds to meet the running costs of the Victory Hall, plus to give the generous people who play a chance of winning a monthly prize. Currently the prize fund is 50% of the takings with the other 50% going to the Victory Hall.

The Management Committee of Broadwell Green and Hall are registered with Rugby Borough Council under the Gambling Act 2005 for the purposes of schedule 11 of the Act, our certificate number is 18885

The results for the September 2017 to February 2018 100 Club are show below. There were  65 numbers sold for the draw resulting in a total prize fund of £195. This results in a monthly prize of £32.50

Month        Number    Winner

September        33            Sixsmith

October             64            Bennett

November      16             Faxon

December           62            Harridge

January              21            Thomas

February                6            Dimbleby

If you wish to see the results of past draws please click the link below

Previous Draw Results